122016BASS / PREDATORCARPMATCHPREMIUMFLYSABIKI / RIGLUREMODELBRUSH EASYBLACK MATTEART No. EX926MODELSHOOTING BALLBLACK NICKELART No. EX924GUARD!!GUARD!!GUARD!!GUARD!!GUARD!!Gives precise action to soft plastic baitsShort ShankDifferent size has different Brush Guard setting to gain upmost effect!!Brush GuardNatural appearance in the waterMud Black HeadHolds soft plastic baits tight with double keeperWorm KeeperAccording to hook sizes, 2 different types of brush guards are designed. Size 2 has double, and size 1 has twin double. Hooks and guards are investigated carefully to have well balanced combinations.Outstanding performance around grassy area!! Efficient casting is possible, since the guards prevent hook getting stuck with grasses or garbage.Also, the guards work great when anglers cast to rocky or snaggy area! Helps anglers perform efficient casting because guards prevent hooks getting stuck with rocks or snags.SIZEWEIGHT21/32OZ(0.9g)4pcsGUIDE!OPEN#2/0 3/16oz 5.2g3/pack#2/0 1/4oz 7g3/pack#2/0 3/8oz 11g3/pack#3/0 1/2oz 14g3/pack#21/32oz0.9g4/pack#2 1/20oz 1.4g4/pack#2 1/16oz 1.8g4/pack#2 3/32oz 2.6g4/pack#2 1/8oz 3.5g4/pack#1 3/16oz 5.2g3/pack#21/20oz1.4g4/pack#21/16oz1.8g4/pack#21/13oz2.2g4/pack#11/20oz1.4g4/pack#11/16oz1.8g4/pack#11/13oz2.2g4/packFootball ShapeBy smoothing the design around the eye, anti-stuck ability against grass, garbage, and structure improved dramatically.Shooting GuardCalculated by field testing, superior 15 thread [Shooting Guard] was designed.Slow Fall Down Weight BalanceThe perfect balance of twin keeper (short yet tight in holding soft plastic baits) and head weight creates slow falling movement that strongly appeals to predatory fish.Matte Blackcoating prevents unnatural reflection in the water.Press formed unique hook pointSharpness & durability Up!MODELBABY SHOOTING BALLBLACK NICKELART No. EX156Head ShapeThe hook eye was embedded in the headto prevent it from sticking at structures.Monofilament GuardDouble KeepersDouble keepers, upper and lower, hold a plastic worm effectively.Light Football Jig makes a stable bottom positionwhich is one of advantages with a football shape.



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