132016BASS / PREDATORCARPMATCHPREMIUMFLYSABIKI / RIGLUREMODELMODELBEAT ROLLERLITTLE SHAKERGUARDBLACK NICKELART No. EX922BLACK MATTEART No. EX925MODELLITTLE SHAKERBLACK MATTEART No. EX923SIZEWEIGHT31/32OZ(0.9g)4pcsSIZEWEIGHT31/32OZ(0.9g)4pcsSIZEWEIGHT21/32OZ(0.9g)BRISK ROLLING ACTION!!BRISK ROLLING ACTION!!Hooks Made in JAPANHooks Made in JAPAN4pcs#2 1/32oz 0.9g5/pack#1 1/20oz 1.4g5/pack#3 1/32oz 0.9g4/pack#31/32oz 0.9g4/pack#1 1/20oz 1.4g4/pack#3 1/20oz 1.4g4/pack#1 1/16oz 1.8g4/pack#3 1/16oz 1.8g4/pack#1 1/13oz 2.2g4/pack#11/20oz 1.4g4/pack#31/20oz 1.4g4/pack#11/16oz 1.8g4/pack#31/16oz 1.8g4/pack#11/13oz 2.2g4/pack#2 1/20oz 1.4g5/pack#1 1/16oz 1.8g5/pack#2 1/16oz 1.8g5/pack#1 1/13oz 2.2g5/packLittle Shaker with GuardsCreated as Special Jig Head Wacky Model, original super low weight balance and short shank design make soft plastic worms move lively and trigger bites!!Perfect for aggressive castings ( impossible with no guard) to grassy area, riprap area, and snaggy area.Stealth Brown Head is used to have natural appearance near the bottom water.Perfected by pursuing attractive and appealing action!When using jig head wacky rig, most of the time the plastic worm is the fulcrum to make swinging action. However, due to the length of regular jig heads, rod action could not reach the plastic worm effectively. The development of Little Shaker was focused on this.Super low weight balance (which give a steady falling position and wide shaking action) and short shank made anglers possible to perform twitching or quick shaking move to plastic worms. Precise rod action will reach the plastic worms as anglers wish!Little Shaker makes attractive actions in short distance and maximize the chances of bites!!Holds plastic worms tight and locks fish mouth V-Bend Made possibleto achieve steady falling position, and wide shaking action.Super Low Weight BalanceSuper low weight balance and short shank hook are the secrets to perform twitching and quick shaking action. Maximizes bite chances in short distance!!Holds soft plastic worms tight and locks fish mouth V-Bend Perfect Guard settings according to sizesMade possibleto achieve steady falling position, and wide shaking action.Super Low Weight BalanceOutstanding performance around grassy area!! Efficient casting is possible, since the guards prevent hook getting stuck with grasses or garbage.Also, the guards work great when anglers cast to rocky or snaggy area! Helps anglers perform efficient casting because guards prevent hooks getting stuck with rocks or snags.BODY COLORMatte Brown Easy to remove with pliers!!Keeperless ModelFlat-Sided HeadMakes easier to perform a brisk action!!Half Twin Keeper makes possible to setBeat Roller at the shallowShallow SettingFront ViewFlat-Sided Head and Half Twin Keeperare the essentials to make a brisk rolling action!!Press formed unique hook pointSharpness & durability Up!Press formed unique hook pointSharpness & durability Up!



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