142016BASS / PREDATORCARPMATCHPREMIUMFLYSABIKI / RIGLUREMODELSWIMMING950BLACK NICKELART No. EX930#2 1/32oz 0.9g5/pack#2 1/16oz 1.8g5/pack#1 1/16oz 1.8g5/pack#1/0 1/8oz 3.5g4/pack#1/0 3/16oz 5.2g4/packOFF SET JIG HEAD FOR GRASSY FIELDOFF SET JIG HEAD FOR GRASSY FIELDHooks Made in JAPANHooks Made in JAPANSIZEWEIGHT11/16OZ(1.8g)4pcsOffset HookPrevents worm from shiftingand overcomes grassy conditionHead Design Perfect swimming positionallows aggressive casting!Horizontal RingMaximizes the function of plastic wormsand anglers’ action reaches the worm precisely.The head design of Swimming 950 draw outsthe function of plastic worms!!MODELFPJ960BLACK MATTEART No. EX927Because of the short shank, baits gain free action as well as easier for bass to swallow them.By adopting Hayabusa Original Point and wide gap hook, it will penetrate through hard mouth and reduce the chance of hook out.Hard material head increases the sensibility of action.The unique head shape reduce the chance of grasses and etc. getting snagged on the eye.Double Ring Keeper holds any thickness or material baits.SIZEWEIGHT5pcs1/01/16OZ(1.8g)GUIDE!OPENBlack Matte Color : Anti-glaring coating reducesthe presence of hook.● #1 1/16oz 1.8g5/pack● #1 1/8oz 3.5g5/pack● #1/0 1/16oz 1.8g4/pack● #1/0 1/8oz 3.5g4/pack● #1/0 3/16oz 5.2g4/pack● #2/0 1/16oz 1.8g4/pack● #2/0 1/8oz 3.5g4/pack● #2/0 3/16oz 5.2g4/packPress formed unique hook pointSharpness & durability Up!



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