362016BASS / PREDATORCARPMATCHPREMIUMFLYSABIKI / RIGLURESABIKI / RIGThese include the product's ideal suitability as a fishing bait. We’ve achieved this through using premium materials and offering a wide selection of baits to match to the fishing grounds and target catch. Can't decide on the SABIKI series? Why not use them all? Bring Sabiki on your next fishing trip and get ready for your biggest catch yet!Anglers all over the worldhave many reasons to love SABIKI SERIESREAL MINNOWSkin imitating small baitfish.Ultra-Violet Minnow skin highly reflects &attracts targets.REAL SHRIMPSkin imitating shrimp.Aurora Shrimp skin looks like a real a strongly appeals to fish.HAGE LAMEFISH SKINLame-inlayed fish skin that gives off an enticing smell.FUSION SKINUnique design that combines rubber skin with genunie fish skin. MACKERELFISH SKIN AURORA FINISHMost effective in murky water. HAGEFISH SKINAURORA FINISHReflecting lights better.MACKERELFISH SKINSofter fish skin imitating small baitfish.HAGEFISH SKINWith pale moonlight glimmer.FLASHERAttractive colored thread. YARNMulti - color, rainbow strand. FEATHERSwimming naturally like small baitfish.SQUID BAITPlastic squid skirt imitating small baitfish.EXTREMEGLOWSHRINP-LIKELuminescentred skin.HAGEFISH SKINGLOW PAINTLuminous fish skin most effective in deep water. FEATURES



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