482016BASS / PREDATORCARPMATCHPREMIUMFLYSABIKI / RIGLURE#6 Silver Back×Glow Eye#7 Red and Gold×Green Eye#8 Green and Gold×Red Eye#9 Pink Back with Glow Belly×Glow Eye#10 Glow×Red Eye#3 Tropical Sardine#5 Silver#2 Blue Sardine#4 Chill Pepper#1 Pink SardineMODELJack eye FinderART No. FS414Weight3g5g7g12gWeight18g28g40gMODELJack eyeART No. FS410The triple features of a light-catching flatted shank, aurora threads, and holographic tinsel make a strong appeal.A wavering action is achieved with the design which fends off water with the flat part and creates turbulent current with the slip part.This bait creates an irregular action with straight retrieve while wobbling in both directions to the left and right; thus, it keeps appealing to fish.CASTINGJack eye’s features of the big eyes and the glittering body provide an extremely attractive appearance. The bait fish like shape also serves as a stimulus to predatory instinct of fish. The hind side of the body has a thick width in order to gain the perfect center balance. This feature allows the bait to have the both of great swimming ability and an irregular sideways action. Oblique ViewTop ViewKEIMURA COLORWhat is KEIMURA color?KEIMURA color, in ultraviolet light, luminesces attractively. The special color with unique coating appeals strongly to fish by glinting in distinctive hues.#1 Pink Sardine× Black Eye#3 Blue and Pink Sardine×Black Eye#4 Chalico×Blue Eye#5 Kibinago×Blue Eye#2 Sardine×Black Eye#11 KABUKI×Glow Eye#14 KEIMURA Pink×KEIMURA Eye#12 Mackerel×Pink Eye#15 KEIMURA Blue×KEIMURA Eye#13 Horse Mackerel×Black Eye#16 KEIMURA Red and Gold×KEIMURA EyeWeightBody Length(mm)18g28g566040g68WeightBody Length(mm)3g5g26327g3912g47



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