492016BASS / PREDATORCARPMATCHPREMIUMFLYSABIKI / RIGLUREEfficient dart action with a little rod action!!Jack eye STRUSH is a vertical metal jig with quick response time.It is suitable for any kind of water condition, and smooth control over the jig is achieved during jigging with the center balanced body.The straight edge, running from the head to the center tail, and the winding edge, on the other side of the body, create two different water stream that makes lively swimming and an irregular falling action.Jack eye SLOW supports a jerk action using the repelling power of the rod. It is a characteristic of slow jigging. Immediately after jerking, it faces to the side, leading to the subsequent fall.It also falls in a zigzag pattern while wobbling just like a tree leaf.The fall position and the powerful flashing of holograms increase the chance of a bite.MODELJack eye STRUSHART No. EX972Weight60g80g100g120g150g200gWeight60g90g120g150g200g250g300g#1 Pink Sardine#4 Chill Pepper#2 Blue Sardine#5 Silver#3 Tropical Sardine#6 Glow Red &PinkOFFSHOREMODELJack eye SLOWART No. FS424#1 Pink Sardine#2 Blue Sardine#3 Hybrid Sardine#4 Chili Pepper#5 AmazonWeightBody Length(mm)60g80g97110100g120120g130150g143200g155WeightBody Length(mm)60g90g7080120g90150g100200g110250g120300g130※ out of stock will be discontinued



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