512016BASS / PREDATORCARPMATCHPREMIUMFLYSABIKI / RIGLUREOFFSHOREInchiku fishing style has a long history. Inchiku lures were first made by Japanese fishermen many years ago.It still remains as one of the most popular fishing methods in Japan and is well-known all over the world.Weight60g80g100g120g150g200gMODELJack eyeKick Bottom(for Inchiku fishing)ART No. FS422What is Inchiku fishing style?It is one of the simplest forms of fishing.The way of using Inchiku is much easierthan the most fishing styles.AdviceTo wind the line at constant speed is important for Inchiku fishing.Notice that the speed of winding the line should be adjusted depending on the given condition.The followings are just a few examples of fish you can get with the Inchiku fishing;sea bream, yellow tail, cod fish, snapper, flounder, and the other rock fish! How to use Inchiku1. Drop Inchiku to the sea bottom.2. Wind the line (roughly 10 meters from the bottom).3. If there is no response, drop it to the bottom again.Just repeat this action.That is all.Special spear-head shapemakes attractive lift & fall actions andmaximizes the chance of bites.Attractive big eyestrongly attracts fish andtriggers bites.It is also a great bite spot.Multi-purpose eyemakes possible to attach different kinds ofhooks and blades and to choose theright one based on the weather and water conditions.Hooks60,80,100g120,150,200gSOI 230 #2/0 NickelSOI 230 #3/0 Nickel#1 Pink Sardine#2 Blue Sardine#3 Hybrid Sardine#4 Chili Pepper#5 Silver#6 Gold#7 Red & Pink#8 Tropical#9 Glow PinkTidal currentInchiku fishing is very simple; therefore, it satisfies not only experienced anglers but also women and beginners. It requires no physical power nor any special technique unlike jigging fishing. All you have to do is just drop it to the bottom and gently wind the line.Easy for everyone + Great possibility to catch a wide variety of fishWeightBody Length(mm)60g80g5865100g70120g74150g77200g89



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