62016BASS / PREDATORCARPMATCHPREMIUMFLYSABIKI / RIGLURE#410/pack#39/pack#28/pack#17/pack#1/06/pack10pcsSIZE4Finally, 3 parts of hook (barb A, bend B, and V-Bend C) hold the sh and prevent hook out.ABCWhile sh ghting to escape, the hook cuts into the deeper part of esh and reaches bend BBHooking power travels directly to the hook point due to little exure of hook, and gives great hooking performance &Semi Twisted Hook PointLow Weight BalanceMaximizes attractiverolling actionV-BendHolds plastic worms tight and locks fish mouthAMODELThere is a reason for this shape.Sharp V-Bend holds plastic worm tight, and the rod action travels to the worm directly & precisely. Short straight design with Hayabusa original point and Semi Twisted Hook Point capture any bites!! V-Bend not only holds plastic worms, but also locks fish mouth.SPIN MUSCLEBLACK MATTEART No. EB26381Press formed unique hook pointSharpness & durability Up!MODELWRM202WEEDLESWACKY SPBLACK NICKELART No. EB99471MODELWRM201WACKYBLACK NICKELART No. EB99371#16/pack#1/05/pack#2/05/pack#3/04/pack#4/04/pack#26/pack#16/pack#1/06/pack#2/06/pack#3/05/packSpecial Hook Shapefor Wacky RigStraight hook point for deephook-set and a wide gap whichmakes an enough space a plasticworm falls in when fish bites.Straight hook point to setthe hook from a middle distance. The hook shape enablesanglers to easily stick in at firstcontact and to set the hookdeeply. The wide gap makes an enough space a plastic worm fallsin when fish bite to enhance hook-set performance. Hayabusa Original Loop StopperThe stopper holds a plastic wormand prevents it from sliding downthe hook shank.ShapeStraight hook point is equippedfor set-hook with middle distance.The hook shape enables anglersto easily stick in at first contactand to set the hook deeply. The wide gap shape promotes a hook-set performanceby having an enough space a plastic worm falls in whenfish bites. Worm riggingsuggestionWeedless Wacky Hook which was made to use with a plastic worm which works as a bait and a weedguard. Hayabusa Original Loop Stopper holds the plastic worm so that a weedless wacky rig style can be made easily.



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