72016BASS / PREDATORCARPMATCHPREMIUMFLYSABIKI / RIGLUREThe remarkable feature of this hook are, the balance of gape width and the length of shank, the thickness of wire, and extra strong hook point.Plastic worms sliding down the hook shank was a problem withregular straight hooks, but adoption of loop stopper resolved it. Also, anglers became able to switch a plastic worm to another one without tearing it.Perfect closure on the ringed eye protects lines from breaking.It is absolutely perfect for attacking fish in heavy cover.#46/pack#36/pack#25/pack#15/pack#1/04/pack#1/04/pack#69/pack#49/pack#28/pack#18/pack#1/08/pack#2/07/pack#3/06/pack#4/05/pack#5/05/pack#2/04/pack#3/04/pack#4/03/pack#5/03/packLow Weight BalanceMaximizes attractiverolling actionGuard ModelExcellent anti-stuck performance and superior hooking performanceV-BendHolds plastic worms tight and locks fish mouthPerfect Closure RingLoop StopperFLIPPINGPITCHINGPUNCHING6pcsSIZE4MODELMODELFPP STRAIGHTBLACK NICKELART No. EB95571Finally, 3 parts of hook (barb A, bend B, and V-Bend C) hold the sh and prevent hook out.ABCWhile sh ghting to escape, the hook cuts into the deeper part of esh and reaches bend BBHooking power travels directly to the hook point due to little exure of hook, and gives great hooking performance &Semi Twisted Hook PointSupreme hook point!ASpin Muscle’s anti-stuck model!Sharp V-Bend holds plastic worm tight, and the rod action travels to the worm directly & precisely. Also, Hayabusa original point supreme hooking performance increases hooking probability. V-Bend not only holds plastic worms, but also locks fish mouth.SPIN MUSCLE GUARDBLACK MATTEART No. EB30681Press formed unique hook pointSharpness & durability Up!MODELWRM957OFFSET SHANKNON REFLECTIVE BLACKART No. EB957L1NRB Offset Shank Worm HookZ-crank effectively holds a plasticworm and prevents it from slidingdown the shank.Z-crankNRB coat NRB, Non–Reflective-Black,is HAYABUSA original fluorine coating which dramatically enhances hook-set performance for the smoothness in penetration.



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