2017 Hayabusa Catalogue Overseas

13BASS / PREDATORPREMIUMSNELLED HOOKSALTWATERSABIKINew 2017ART No. FS207MODELBLADE BOMBERWeight21g40g28g10g14g60g80g10g 1/pack28g 1/pack60g 1/pack40g 1/pack80g 1/pack14g 1/pack21g 1/packColor Variation#1Red Shrimp#2Chili Pepper#3Double Orange#4UV Coated Sardine#5Pink & Glow#6Chartreuse GoldRound spoon-shape blade is designed for maximum vibration, provides unique action and flashLine protection pipe inside the body prevents damage and makes parts difficult to removethread the linethrough the hole※1 spare line protection pipe included. How to replace: sear one side of the pipe, put it into the sinker hole, cut and sear the other side.New Innovative Spinner BladeSpin/Swing/Stop+ Plastic bait+ Octopus bait+ Rubber+ Rig

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