2017 Hayabusa Catalogue Overseas

BASS / PREDATORPREMIUMSNELLED HOOKSALTWATERSABIKI5New 2017BLACK NICKELART No. 25976ENICKELART No. 25916EMODELJIG153NICKELART No. 26016EBLACK NICKELART No. 26076ENON REFLECTIVE BLACKART No. 260L6EMODELJIG260 LSQty/box211/02/03/04/05/01,0001,0001,0001,0001,0001,0001,000SIZEQty/box4/05/06/07/08/01,0001,0001,0001,0001,000SIZE※ONLY BULK SUPPLY※ONLY BULK SUPPLYLARGEEYELARGEEYENICKELART No. EB93011BLACK NICKELART No. EB93071NON REFLECTIVE BLACKART No. EB930L1Offers stable lure swimming action, for optimum hooking position at all strikes.Center Balanced EyeSuperb hooking performance and firm grip once fish are on the line.Round Bend GapTop-quality Japanese-made carbon steel, contributing to sharp and tough hook tips and dependable strength. Hi-Carbon SteelForged hook wire ensures higher resistance against vertical opening.ForgingThe 4.5 straight sharpened point strikesa fine balance between razor-sharp penetration and take-no-chances strength.Sharp PointNICKELBLACK NICKELNRB coat NRB, Non–Reflective-Black,is HAYABUSA original fluorine coating which dramatically enhances hook-set performance for the smoothness in penetration.#86/pack#66/pack#46/pack#26/packnew #56/packMODELTBL930

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